About us

About us

Who we are

Artizan Food Co. started out as a small gourmet sandwich shop with its first store opening on Dublin’s Leeson Street back in 2005. This high street experience means we understand exactly what the customer needs, allowing us to create an exceptional catering environment.

Today it has developed into a full service catering company which caters to the private and corporate sector. We have remained true to our original concept of offering high quality food using only the freshest natural ingredients.

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What we do

At Artizan Food Co. we stand by our company motto ‘great food is at the heart of what we do’. The exceptional standard of food and service that we deliver on a consistent basis is what truly sets us apart from other caterers.

Everyday push the boundaries of traditional catering whilst creating food that feeds the soul. We have both the proven ability and the skilled team to meet any client need from street food to executive dining.

We are passionate about using local produce as often as possible and our food contains no additives, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Our coffee is organic & fair-trade and all our packaging is compostable or recyclable.

Pantry Services

At Artizan Food Co we believe that our customers’ health and well-being depends not only on a few healthy menus, but ones that also contribute to a healthy environment and community.

In today’s world, many of our customers are well-informed about what their dietary choices work best for them, while others need help in understanding the choices available and understanding what works best for them.

Our sister company, Artizan Pantry Services can provide all your pantry/micro kitchen products.

Our Production Facility

In 2015, Artizan Food Co completed the construction of a purpose-built 13,000 sq. ft food production facility on the Naas Road. We are one of the few corporate catering companies in Ireland to have created a world class facility of this size, run by a dedicated team of chefs.

This facility allows us to control all food production giving us full traceability. All of our Pop Up Restaurant experiences and Office Catering is produced for our clients right here.

   We deliver to the following post codes: DUBLIN 2, DUBLIN 4, DUBLIN 6, DUBLIN 8, DUBLIN 12, DUBLIN 18, DUBLIN 20, DUBLIN 22, DUBLIN 24. If your area is not listed, please contact the office on 01-662-4848.