Staff Lunches


Staff Lunches

Delicious food for work

We specialise in providing staff lunches from individual bagged lunches to full service hot & cold buffet catering. We currently look after a number of clients European headquarters in Dublin, providing staff lunches to hundreds of busy workers. We ensure to promote low gi, low fat, healthy food so staff remain energetic and bright throughout their working day.

Hot Buffet Service

If your company is interested in providing a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner for their employees without the high cost of operating a canteen, we can manage, the set-up and delivery of your catering services for your entire staff. We create your choice of breakfast, lunch and dinner menus in advance based on your budget.

Buffet lunch and dinner service can include hot main courses, soups, sandwiches, salads and dessert. Buffet breakfast service can include hot breakfast options as well as a selection of cold options. All our food is produced in our bespoke production kitchen based in the city centre.

Our coffee is fair-trade!

Fresh local & seasonal ingredients!

100% recyclable packaging!

In case you missed it check out Dropbox’s testimonial here on the breakfast, lunch and dinner services we provide them! Bet you wished you worked at Dropbox!

If you would like further information, email our office at or call us on 01-6624848 ext. 1.